You must strengthen your back, so the pain never returns

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Are you sick of seeking different treatment and advice for your ongoing back pain? 

Do you find that you are constantly managing your condition, constantly avoiding movements and activities that you know will flare you up leaving you in pain for days? 

You are not alone, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone suffer from chronic back pain. In fact, up to 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Back pain greatly impacts on your quality of life and places an enormous cost on the community. 

Whilst back pain may not be completely avoidable, there are however steps to ensure that if you do suffer a bout of back pain you can be confident that it will be a one off and will not occur again. 

The typical scenario for a chronic back pain sufferer is as follows. 

  1. The back and the muscles that support the back weaken over a period of time. 
  2. An innocuous activity, an action carried out thousands of times before sends the back in a painful spasm. 
  3. Restriction and lack of movement until the back settles further weakens the back and the its supporting muscles. 
  4. Pain eventually subsides however the back-pain sufferer now is extremely cautious and protecting of the back. 
  5. Compensatory movements patterns set in that ensure the anterior muscles carry the brunt of the load, taking the pressure off the back. 
  6. Further weakening of the posterior or postural muscles occurs as a result of the compensation/ protection of the back. 
  7. The back-pain sufferers posture becomes noticeably poor, ensuring it only a matter of time before the back enters another painful spasm. 
  8. Repeat spasms occur. 
  9. Treatment to settle the spasms and address the tight structures of the lower back present short term symptomatic relief from the pain. 
  10. The back forever stays on the mind of the sufferer, knowing that it could go out, or spasm at any time. 

The reason the back went out in the first place and more to the point the reason why it gets progressively worse resulting in ongoing repeat spasms is due to weakened postural muscles. Thousands of dollars are spent each year on doctors’ appointments, therapists, painkilling and anti-inflammatory drugs not to mention days off work due to the inability to move throughout a back spasm. This waste and the stress and loss in quality of life can be avoided in cases if the back pain suffer pays attention to the root underlying cause of the chronic back pain cycle. 

For some reason health practitioners and doctors overlook the significance that postural symmetry plays in having and maintaining a healthy strong back for life. 

Doctors prescribe drugs, to provide relief from symptoms, practitioners provide therapy to ease pain and tension present, however none of these address the muscular weaknesses that could be playing a role in your chronic back pain.

If you are suffering from chronic ongoing back pain, you must seek out professionals who will address the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Seek quality advice and guidance on how to eradicate the compensatory patterns, on how to eradicate the tight muscles permanently by addressing the weak muscles that are not fulfilling their role in supporting the back. 

Functional strength and balance along with postural symmetry are the key focal points to ensure you can strengthen your body, so your back pain never returns. 

Back Solution across America has a proven record with acute and chronic back pain sufferers exceeding in excellence across the country. We have treated thousands of patients that range from Olympic athletes, professional athletes as well as everyday pain sufferers. Our rapid growth across the country will ensure a local clinic will be in your area soon to address you acute and chronic back pain.

You must strengthen your back, so the pain never returns

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