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What good is a diagnosis without a solution?

Countless people present to our clinic desperate for a solution and an end to their chronic debilitating back pain. Sick to death of hearing mixed views, mixed opinions on what caused their back pain, they just want results, and we don’t blame you!

Far too many back specialists unfortunately offer little more than their opinion leaving the chronic back pain sufferer with no solution and no hope.

A great back specialist provides a diagnosis and a solution, and this is what you will get when you see a practitioner at Back Solution.

Chronic back pain can be as over complicated or as simplified as you would like. The problem with most back specialists is they contradict each other's diagnosis, view and opinion leaving the chronic back pain sufferer left even more confused than when the first went into the appointment. They at times can use jargon and large complicated words than mean nothing to the lay back pain sufferer.

Simplifying chronic back pain, effectively communicating the reason for your back pain, the reason why you have not been able to find someone who can provide a solution for your pain, and clear concise steps to get rid of your back pain for good is exactly what you want.

Back Solution Clinic was founded by practitioners who suffered from chronic debilitating back pain. They know the physical, mental, financial and emotional toll that chronic back pain has your body. They know what it is like to sit in front of countless specialists only to feel talked down to, and just treated as a number. Back solutions clinic focuses exactly on that - the solution to your back pain, not just a meaningless diagnosis.

How our Back Specialists at Back Solution Clinic provide a permanent solution to your chronic back pain.

A large percentage of chronic debilitating back pain can be linked to postural weakness. That’s right, your body is not strong enough to support the weight of its own structure. It's not strong enough to withstand gravity. The vast majority of chronic back pain sufferers experience complete relief when they lay down, why? 

No gravity is at play.

The gluteus maximus is the chief anti-gravity muscle in the body. It also should be the largest and strongest muscle of them all. Yet in the vast majority of the thousands of chronic back pain sufferers who have walked into our clinic for the first time, the gluteus maximus is weak and atrophied to point of visually being inexistent.

If the largest, most important muscle that supports our posture, that supports our back in a healthy position is completely weak and wasted away - How can you not have chronic back pain?

There is a very clear and concise reason for why this muscle wasted away and there is a very clear solution (in most cases) to rectifying this muscular wastage and potentially eliminating your chronic back pain. 

If you are suffering from chronic debilitating back pain and have seemingly tried all pain removal options without success, book an initial consultation with one of our back specialists with the knowledge, potential solutions and confidence in addressing your back pain.

For more information or to book your free initial consult contact

Back Solution across America has a proven record with acute and chronic back pain sufferers exceeding in excellence across the country. We have treated thousands of patients that range from Olympic athletes, professional athletes as well as everyday pain sufferers. Our rapid growth across the country will ensure a local clinic will be in your area soon to address your acute and chronic back pain.

Back Specialist

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