Back Specialist Back Specialist

Countless people present to our clinic desperate for a solution and an end to their chronic debilitating back pain.

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Chronic Back Pain Chronic Back Pain

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Have you seemingly tried all options only to find short term relief from your pain?

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Back pain treatment Back pain treatment

With so many different doctors, therapists and practitioners all offering the best form of back pain treatment in their modality it is extremely difficult to decide where to turn for a solution to your back pain.

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Are you finding it difficult finding a sciatica specialist? Are you finding it difficult finding a sciatica specialist?

Finding a back-pain specialist is easy however finding a practitioner or doctor who specializes in sciatica is almost impossible.

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Bulging Disc Surgery Bulging Disc Surgery

I have been advised to undergo bulging disc surgery, are there any alternatives to fix my lower back pain?

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Thoracic back pain Thoracic back pain

Are you finding that treatment such as chiropractic, massage and physical therapy can sometimes make your pain feel worse or only provide short term temporary relief only for the pain to return once more?

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