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Back Pain Treatment

Have you tried all kinds of stretches and exercises only to get short term relief from your back pain? 

Are you desperate to find a clear pathway and routine that gradually frees up the painful restriction, then strengthens your body to provide longer lasting relief? 

If you are like most chronic back pain sufferers, you have all but accepted that you will be stuck with your condition and will have to manage it ongoing for life. 

This is where Back Solution’s approach is different…. We focus on people just like you that have all but given up hope. 

We have developed a specialised treatment for chronic back pain sufferers who are looking for longer lasting relief from their pain. 

Like most people suffering from back pain you most likely feel weak and vulnerable, have tried many exercises that actually cause pain and make you feel worse. 

Our unique approach to chronic back pain eradicates compensatory movement patterns and eases restriction allowing you to begin strengthening your body in a pain free and predictable way. 

This method has been tested and refined for over two decades with well over 10,000 chronic back pain sufferers. 

We address the underlying cause of your chronic pain, not just your symptoms. 

We pride ourselves on helping you when all other pain relief medication, exercises, and even surgery has failed to provide a lasting solution. 

Please call today to learn more about our unique approach to helping with your chronic back pain. 

Please call today to learn more about our unique approach to helping with your chronic back pain.

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