We address the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms


What is so unique about Back Solution Clinic?

If you are suffering from chronic back or sciatica pain, you are the exact person we specialize in helping. 

We have developed a highly specialised treatment method, refined for two decades in helping over 10,000 chronic back pain sufferers. 

To help you overcome your chronic pain, we have two extremely unique methods dedicated to: 

  1. Effectively releasing the tension that is restricting your body of pain free movement 

  2. Strengthen your body and your confidence to get you back doing the things you love. 

If you have all but given up hope of finding a lasting solution we highly recommend our unique approach to your back or sciatica pain. 


What to expect?

Like the vast majority of patients we see at Back Solution you have persistent pain that greatly affects your quality of life. You have a pile of X-rays, MRI, CT scans and specialist reports, yet you are still at a loss for a lasting solution to your pain. 

At Back Solution you will expect 

  1. To learn why you have your long lasting persistent back or sciatic pain. 

  2. A greater understanding of why you have not been able to finding lasting relief from your pain

  3. A clear and predictable pathway to free your body of restriction and strengthen your body to improve your quality of life. 

We pride ourselves on helping people who are greatly frustrated with their persistent, ongoing chronic back or sciatic pain. Our unique methodology allows us to gradually but surely restore movement to your body, allowing strength and functional movement to be restored. 

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