Bulging Disc Surgery

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I have been advised to undergo bulging disc surgery, are there any alternatives to fix my lower back pain?

Countless lower back pain patients have presented to our back-pain clinic on a waiting list for bulging disc surgery (microdiscectomy). But what if there was another solution? We see many patients who have undergone bulging disc surgery where they have found no relief from the surgery, in saying this, that’s not to say bulging disc surgery/ microdiscectomy surgery isn’t necessary for certain individuals when they have exhausted all options.

There are cases that patients present in a condition so bad where we recommend bulging disc surgery (microdiscectomy or micro-decompression surgery).

If the patient’s:

  • in complete agony no matter what position they are in, i.e. lying flat on their back or stomach (where gravity is not in play). 
  • pain has not reduced after a minimum of 14-21 days
  • Has been prescribed and take corticosteroid anti-inflammatory medication 
  • Has had an epidural 
  • MRI reports show a direct and severe compression of the nerve from the actual disc bulge (note from the inflammation present between the disc bulge and the nerve root - from the disc bulge itself)

We have seen patients who have presented with a bulging disc as severe as this and also patients booked in for disc bulge surgery/ microdiscectomy surgery when symptoms are nowhere no this severe. It is common however that the patient is literally in such excruciating pain, that they go straight to the hospital where they are rushed in for bulging disc surgery (microdiscectomy).

Therefore, if you are sitting there reading this article (i.e. you are not in an ambulance being rushed to hospital), there could be an alternative to fix your back pain other than bulging disc surgery/microdiscectomy surgery.

Inflammation present around the bulging disc and direct pressure on nerves from muscular/ fascial tension is a common cause of radiculopathy (referred pain down the leg). This can be rectified through conservative treatment options providing the lower back pain treatment or sciatica pain treatment addresses the underlying cause of the radicular pain, not just the symptoms.

The vast majority of lumbar disc bulge cases where the patient presents with radicular pain (referred pain down the leg) has an underlying cause that has built up over a long period of time. This underlying cause can almost be certainly linked to postural imbalances created by weakened postural muscles that place too great a load on muscles that purely are not designed to support the weight of our structure.

The gluteus maximus muscles (major muscles of the buttock) should be the largest, most powerful muscle in the human body. Patients presenting with chronic lower back pain, without fail present with weakened, atrophied gluteus maximus muscles. This weakness the muscles responsible to supporting us in an upright position, place all the load on the deeper, more intrinsic muscles of the hip. These muscles are designed to rotate the hip, and when they become jammed and overloaded, they shorten and contract, resulting in the hip/s becoming internally rotated.

Internally rotated hips can affect the nerves that branch out from the lumbar, lumbosacral regions and can affect the sciatic nerve deep in the buttock.

Addressing this muscular imbalance, eradicating the muscular/ fascial tension deep in the hip/s, deep in the lower back and putting measures in place to strengthen the gluteus maximus muscles can be one of the most effective conservative approach to avoid bulging disc surgery/microdiscectomy surgery.

Back Solution across America has a proven record with acute and chronic back pain sufferers exceeding in excellence across the country. We have treated thousands of patients that range from Olympic athletes, professional athletes as well as everyday pain sufferers. Our rapid growth across the country will ensure a local clinic will be in your area soon to address your acute and chronic back pain.

Bulging Disc Surgery

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