Middle back pain

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Are you suffering from middle or mid back pain? Have seen many doctors, specialists, chiropractic, massage and physical therapists in a desperate attempt to find permanent relief from your pain you are not alone. Most people suffering from middle back pain speak of only getting a few hours of temporary relief after a massage, chiropractic or even physical therapy and sometimes (In a very small amount of cases) walking away from treatment feeling worse.  There is a very clear and easy to explain reason for this which we will cover in this article.

Middle back pain can be one of the most misunderstood of back pain conditions. The main problem patients face with chronic middle back pain, is that practitioners and doctor’s in some cases diagnose and treat their condition very similar to how they would for lower back-pain, and this can be a critical error.

Middle back pain is very different to lower back pain! And it must be treated differently.

Chronic middle back pain, where treatment directly to the area either makes it feel worse or only offers a few hours relief must be diagnosed and treated looking at the whole body, NOT just the middle back or where the patient is sore.

What could be causing my middle back pain?

Elongated muscles that erect the spine. Yes, that’s right, the muscles may be perceived to be tight, however a tight muscle is a shortened and contracted muscle. A shortened muscle will respond to PT, massage or chiropractic. A lengthened, elongated muscle simply will not. Picture a guitar string, pull the cord tighter at each end, this is what is going on with your back muscles and the midpoint of the guitar string analogy is right in the middle of your back - where your agonizing pain is.

Why are my back muscles lengthened and elongated?

Weak postural muscles. Let’s keep it really simple, the largest muscle in the body should be the gluteus maximus (your butt muscle), when this becomes weak, then the deeper muscles of the hip take the load, they are not designed to do this, so the shorten and contract under the excess load.  The deep muscles of the buttock are designed to rotate the hip, so when they become jammed, they internally rotate the hips inwards, which results in the entire pelvis tilting forward (what is known as an anterior pelvic tilt). This is where the muscles of the back become affected: With the pelvis tilted downward, the body must compensate to keep the eyeline level and how it does this is by creating excessive curves to the 3 regions of the spine; the lumbar spine becomes more lordotic, the thoracic spine becomes more kyphotic, the cervical spine also becomes more lordotic. This excessive curvature of the spine lengthens the total gap between the sacrum (base of the lower back) and occipital (base of the skull), however more importantly, the real lengthening occurs between the two transitional points of the spine, the thoracolumbar region and the cervicothoracic region. All the muscles that attach onto the ribs and help erect the spine are pulled tight like a guitar string, that shoots of a stabbing/ burning pain akin to a Chinese burn.

How can I fix my middle back-pain?

Addressing the true underlying cause of middle back pain and not just the symptoms is the key to providing a permanent solution. The truth is that very few specialists let alone practitioners have the holistic knowledge of the human body to identify the true cause of chronic middle back pain. To find a permanent solution you need to find a clinic who specializing in chronic back pain and has a proven track record of helping hundreds of people who once suffered just like you.

Back Solution across America has a proven record with acute and chronic back pain sufferers exceeding in excellence across the country. We have treated thousands of patients that range from Olympic athletes, professional athletes as well as everyday pain sufferers. Our rapid growth across the country will ensure a local clinic will be in your area soon to address your acute and chronic back pain.

Middle back pain

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