What if there was a unique way to squat that could fix your back?

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There are many different ways to squat, let's look at the most common: 

  1. Bodybuilding squat: 

    Shallow squats with knees forward of the midline. Why? Because this particular technique loads up the quadriceps muscles. Perfect for the bodybuilder who wants big, conditioned quadriceps muscles, especially if he or she has an upcoming competition. 

  2. Powerlifting squats: 

    Deep squats, knees slightly forward of the midline. Why?  Powerlifters or Olympic lifters have one chief aim, to lift as much as they possibly can either up and over their head (clean and jerk), up onto their chest (clean), or up off the ground with straight hanging arms (deadlift). Powerlifters squat in a sports specific functional manner that incorporates all the leg, hip, trunk and arm muscles to assist them in their chief training aim.  

  3. Elite Sprinters Squats:

    Deep squats, knees not forward of midline, torso more horizontal than a traditional squat. Why? Sprinters are all about power to weight ratios. The major posterior muscles generate all the power that propels sprinters across the track. Ideally a sprinter wants massive gluteal and hamstrings muscles, and extremely lean anterior and upper body muscles. 

If you have been to a gym, and have been shown how to squat, you most likely were shown how to squat like a bodybuilder. Why? Who were gyms created for, who became the first gym instructors? You guessed it, Bodybuilders!! There is nothing wrong with this, nor the history of how gyms came about, however what it means is that you need to be 100% clear on what your core objective is with your training, notably your weight training and how you squat. 

If you intend on being a bodybuilder or you are a young male teenager who like most his own age has a strong innate desire to pile on a mass of lean muscles, then we recommend following the crowd.

If you do not, then you need a specific weight training regime tailored to your personal needs. Squats are the most functional and rapid way to get results, however they are tough and hard to master. If you just go to your gym and ask your local instructor, then you most likely are going to be doing squats in a way more suited to bodybuilding that what you really want to achieve. 

So, if you want to be a: 

  • Bodybuilder, squat like a bodybuilder 
  • If you want to be a powerlifter, squat like a powerlifter 

However, if you want to:  

  • Squat to fix your back 
  • Squat to improve your posture 
  • Squat to improve your top end speed, vertical leap and power for sport 
  • Squat to have a tight/ toned inner thighs, rock hard abs and buttocks (a.k.a look like a sprinter. Or look like how every girl and guy wants to look :)

Then it is pretty clear that you should buck the trend of the crowd and squat like a sprinter. 

Be warned: 

  • You are in for some rapid and phenomenal results that will blow you and your friends and family away. 
  • Expect lots of funny looks from other gym goers as they wonder why you are squatting with a funny unorthodox technique. 
  • Expect the people who initially give you funny looks to start copying you when quickly notice your amazing improvements:)

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What if there was a unique way to squat that could fix your back?

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