The length of time you have suffered from chronic back pain does not determine how long it will take to fix it

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Despite the common theory that the spine and its disc are the cause of back pain, and rightly so, this most defiantly is not in all cases. Chronic lower back pain is interconnected from a weakened posture. Muscles integral to the support of the lower back and its structures over time become excessively weak. This results in an imbalanced posture and an hyperlordotic curve which compromises the function of the lower back structures resulting in pain, discomfort and restricted movement. 

The important thing to note is muscular atrophy (muscle loss or wastage) is the initial trigger that sets off a chain reaction of compensatory events to the body, all of which compromise the structure of the lower back. Muscular atrophy to the major muscles integral to supporting our body in an upright position, are the initial trigger, the ongoing underlying cause of chronic lower back pain. 

Addressing the muscular atrophy to the major muscles that support the body and lower back structures is the key to a lasting solution to chronic back pain. 

If you break your arm, it goes in a cast as a form of protection, take the cast off after 6-8 weeks and the muscles of your arm are almost completely wasted away. The major muscles that support a sound posture are no different at all. Once the body compensates, due to weakness the anterior muscles become dominate, and the posterior muscles become further weakened. This leads to what is referred as an anterior pelvic tilt. The concern with an anterior tilt is that the distribution of body weight is all forward of the midline, meaning that the anterior muscles carry close to 100% of load, whilst the posterior muscles, namely the gluteus maximus carry or support close to nothing. This creates a very similar result to the broken arm in a cast analogy. No different the arm muscles that waste away in a cast, the posterior muscles; gluteus maximus, hamstrings and adductors waste or atrophy away.

The length of time you have suffered from chronic back pain does not determine how long it will take to fix it

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