Soft bed or hard bed for back pain?

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The majority of back pain sufferers opt for a harder mattress much to their partners dislike.

It is not uncommon for people with severe back flare ups to sleep on the floor in an attempt to get a decent night’s sleep and not awake in agony.

Firmer beds do offer more support keeping the person's back and hips in a more fixed position throughout the night. We are designed to naturally toss and turn as we sleep, and one theory is that if we are repetitively moving throughout the night on a soft mattress then the body needs to work to harder to adjust into the new position that it does on a firmer mattress.

It is however a personal preference and the problem being that it can take a few weeks to really tell if the mattress is right for you or not. Many ‘beds for back’s’ outlets understand this and can work closely with you on the buying decision to ensure you are going to get the right bed for your back.

Many back-pain sufferers dread sleeping in other beds, when away for work or on family holidays. They become so conditioned to the firmness of their own bed that even a night or two in a foreign bed can result in their back pain flaring up.

If you are deciding on which bed to get to assist your back pain it is important to note that a mattress is not the cause of your pain. Coming to this realization will ensure that you are not left with buyer's remorse after spending thousands of dollars on a new bed on the promise of fixing your back pain.

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Soft bed or hard bed for back pain?

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