Should I get an MRI for my back pain?

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If you are suffering from an acute lower back flare up an MRI scan can assist in showing the extent of the potential injury you have sustained and may assist in the best rehabilitation pathway.

If you are suffering from chronic long term back pain, a MRI scan can help as a guidance and diagnosis, however most likely the defects shown may not the show the true underlying cause of your pain and often times can become a distraction to the practitioners who treat back pain.

As we age our bodies wear and tear. The lumbar spine is not different. Regardless of whether you suffer from back pain or not, it is extremely rare to see an adult MRI of the lumbar spine without any defects caused from wear and tear. Up to 40% of adults have herniated discs and up to 70% of degenerated discs, with the vast majority of adults not suffering from any lasting back pain.

This is where MRI scans become a distraction, with both patient and practitioners focusing on a coincidental factor not a causative factor of their pain. In fact, a lot of people get an MRI with a ‘textbook’ back visible ailments.

So the clear message is, by all means get an MRI to use as a guide, but do not allow yourself or the medical guidance that you seek to be unfortunately mistaken for the real cause of chronic, debilitating back pain which is often can be brought on due to muscular imbalances present in the body that do not show on MRI scans in certain patients cases.

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Should I get an MRI for my back pain?

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