How can sprint training fix my poor posture?

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Picture the posture and physique of a sprinter vs a long-distance marathon runner.

In order to propel yourself across the running track, you need to generate power from your major postural muscles. The posterior muscles of the body, and the deep trunk muscles are what make you run fast. So, the very act of sprinting, or participating in a training regime designed to make you faster by regularly sprinting is one of the most functional and effective ways to improve your posture.

Good Posture is governed by a solid and strong base. Think of the pelvis as your center of gravity, and what should be your solid base. If the pelvis in not in its correct and neutral position due to muscular imbalances, then your lower limb biomechanics will be affected, the natural curves of the spine compromised along with your upper body strength and balance.

The vast majority of people who live in the western world, stuck at desks or carrying out tasks that keep them in a fixed position working forward of their midline for hours on end each and every day. This lifestyle causes imbalances, the anterior muscles of the body become tight and restricted (shortened), whilst the posterior muscles of the body become underused and weakened (lengthened). This creates what is called an anterior pelvic tilt, with the shortened anterior muscles pulling the front of the pelvis downwards, with the posterior muscles providing no stability or support due to being weak and lengthened.

In order to obtain a good posture, you need to start with the base (the pelvis). The pelvis needs to be in a strong and stable position in order for the lower limbs, the spine and the upper body to function optimally. 

Sprint training rectifies and offsets the effects of our modern sedentary lifestyles. 

The very act of attempting to sprint faster and faster each session:  

  • Strengthens the muscle that support pelvic stability 
  • Strengthens the deep muscles of the trunk (core) 
  • Strengthens the posterior muscles of the body; hamstrings, gluteus maximus, adductors 

The areas you will notice improvement and change: 

  • Your gluteus muscles will become strong and toned 
  • Your inner thigh muscles will become strong and toned 
  • You will have stronger and more toned abdominal muscles  
  • You will actually become leaner in the quadriceps muscles (providing you are not overtraining at other activities in the gym) 
  • You will actually become leaner in the upper body muscles (providing you are not overtraining at other activities in the gym)

Other health benefits gained from sprint training: 

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Increased basal metabolic rate (meaning you will burn more fat during rest) 
  • Increased blood circulation 
  • Improved digestion/ elimination of waste.

Sprinters look like pictures of health. You don't need to hit the gym four hours a day to reap the benefits of a sprinter's health and physique. You just need to sprint, 1-2 x per week is more than enough.

For more information on how to fix your posture and your back pain through sprint training, please read relevant articles on our site.

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How can sprint training fix my poor posture?

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