Chronic Back Pain can be curable

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Despite what any specialist or practitioner has told you, a large percentage of chronic back pain can be curable. 

The spine and its structures are blamed for chronic back pain, which in the vast majority of cases is an inaccurate diagnosis, one often given to promote unnecessary surgery and prescription medication. 

Postural weaknesses lead to early acute stages of back pain. This initial pain, discomfort leads to compensatory movement patterns to protect the lower back and avoid further pain. These compensatory patterns further weaken the lower back and the muscles integral to its support and function. 

Postural symmetry continues to be comprised, as muscles forward of the midline carry all of the load that posterior muscles are designed to take. 

The vulnerability created by the postural asymmetry finally leads to an innocuous action that sends the lower back and hips into a painful spasm.

At this stage, some people get MRI’s that show a herniated disc or degeneration and whilst this can be serious in certain cases, a large majority show show minor structural concerns, leaving no known reason for the back spasm. 

The acute flare up creates further weaknesses and a stronger compensatory pattern due to restricted movement and inactivity in a bid to protect and settle the spasm. 

After a few days, sometimes weeks, the spasm settles, however a residual pain remains present due to tension present in the soft tissue structures of the lower back and buttock region. 

Some people respond initially to standard physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopaths or massage, however the vast majority of people receive only short term temporary relief as only the symptoms of their pain is being addressed. 

For the majority of people who are diagnosed with chronic back pain, they begin a cycle that can last years, often decades of being in constant pain, experiencing severe flare ups that become more and more frequent as time progresses. 

Medication only masks the pain. Surgery is rarely an option, and for those who go down this path, the success rate can be quite poor. Standard therapy provides less and less effectiveness, with the patient requiring it more frequently just to be able to function through day to day activities. 

The underlying cause that created the back pain in the first place - postural weaknesses remains the exact same reason that keeps the person in chronic suffering. 

If at any stage throughout the typical back pain cycle the underlying cause is addressed - eradicating postural weaknesses and compensatory patterns. The back-pain sufferer can rid their pain and carry on with a pain free healthy life. 

Regardless of whether you have been suffering for months, years or decades. 

An accurate diagnosis that leads to addressing the underlying cause of your back pain - the postural weakness, will break the chronic pain cycle and give you back your life.

It’s important to always get the correct diagnosis to ensure you and your back are on the right path and a Back Solutions clinic across America will ensure you’re on the right path to taking control of your life again.

Chronic Back Pain can be curable

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