Back Pain Treatment

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If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you need quality back pain treatment that addresses the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.

The underlying cause of chronic back pain can be linked to muscular weakness that results in muscular/ postural imbalances. This underlying cause results in the structures of the lower back being compromised. Joints, muscles, disc, tendons and fascia all become restricted due the lack of support in the area.

Quality back pain treatment focuses in on both the symptoms to give you immediate relief and the cause, to ensure the chronic back pain is permanently eradicated.

If like many chronic back pain sufferers, you have gone from clinic to clinic desperately trying to find a practitioner who will provide back pain treatment that will result in a permanent solution to your pain, this article will point you in the right direction. The vast majority of back pain treatment clinics offer temporary relief to your back pain. You receive treatment that makes you feel better for hours or a few days only for the pain and dysfunction to return. Treating the symptoms (tension and restriction present in the structures of the lower back) without addressing the underlying cause (muscular/ postural weakness and imbalances) initially makes you feel better. However due to the lack of support and the compromised position of your back, it only becomes a matter of time before the back fatigues and tightens resulting the pain returning.

Chronic back pain sufferers can stay in this chronic pain cycle for years/ decades - receiving back pain treatment, - feeling better, - pain returning, - receiving back pain treatment again.

At Back Pain Solutions clinic we have an extremely unique form of back pain treatment that stretches (elongates) the pain restricted areas of your body, whilst simultaneously strengthening (shortening) the areas of your body that are weak and imbalanced.

Each and every time you undergo this unique form of back pain treatment you are moving closer and closer to a balanced and symmetrical state. Your tight muscles, joints and fascia becomes looser whilst your weak postural muscles become stronger.

You will start to feel much straighter and supported very early on in the back-pain treatment process giving you enormous confidence in the process. As you become straighter and more symmetrical you automatically start using your body the correct way on a daily basis which takes the pressure of your back and further strengthens the muscles integral to your backs support.

The terrific thing about our back-pain treatment process is that once you are fixed, in most cases you are long term fixed. Many people like to keep up the strengthening exercises because they feel great for doing them, however for most they are no longer a necessity. Due to your newfound posture, strength and healthy back, your daily human movement replaces the need for ongoing back treatment.

Back Solution across America has a proven record with acute and chronic back pain sufferers exceeding in excellence across the country. We have treated thousands of patients that range from Olympic athletes, professional athletes as well as everyday pain sufferers. Our rapid growth across the country will ensure a local clinic will be in your area soon to address you acute and chronic back pain.

Back Pain Treatment

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