Back Pain: The real reason you have a weak core!

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The body is designed to move synergistically as one. All the muscles of the body engage, shorten, lengthen and stabilize at different times depending on their function and the movement carried out.

Muscular imbalances lead to postural asymmetries that result in disconnected/ distorted movement patterns. Certain muscles become more dominant while others fail to function resulting in loss of muscle mass (atrophy). The cycle becomes perpetuating.

The reason why you have a weak core can be linked to your body using more dominant, larger anterior muscle groups to compensate for weaknesses to the larger posterior muscles designed to stabilize.  A weak core is just a byproduct of compensatory movement patterns created from shortened, more dominate anterior muscle groups and weak, lengthened posterior muscles groups.

No amount of core strength or core stabilizing exercises will override a postural asymmetry.

The most effective way to address a weak core is to restore balance and synergistic movement. Functional compound movements that focus on all biomechanical markers starting and ending in a neutral position facilitate neuromuscular synergy.

Movement can start out with the use of just your own body weight, with the focus on maintaining neutral positions. For people with extremely poor balance due to less than perfect posture you may need support in the way of holding onto a fixed pole or using a weight out in front of your body to act as a counterbalance to assist in keeping you in a biomechanically neutral position.

Once functional compound movements can be achieved with just your own body weight, your balance will be greatly enhanced. It is now time to add resistance. Both bending down in a functional way and squatting down with resistance will place greater load on your neuromuscular system. The idea is to continue to challenge yourself to the point where your movement is no longer fluent - i.e. you lose your synergistic movement, with your more dominant muscles taking over. When this happens, the challenge is to focus on neutral positions and fluidity of movement in between. As you get stronger so too will the neuromuscular connections that support synergistic movement.

Neurons that fire together - wire together! So, keep challenging yourself, keeping mastering each incremental change in resistance. You will eradicate compensatory patterns, muscular imbalances, postural asymmetries and your core muscle group will continue to assist you by stabilizing functional movement, exactly what they were designed to do.

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Back Pain: The real reason you have a weak core!

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