Treatment for sciatica

Treatment for sciatica that addresses the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. 

Sciatica is a complex condition for practitioners to treat and it is for this reason that we have practitioners at Back Solutions Clinic who purely focus and specialize in treatment for sciatica and back pain.

There are two possible causes for sciatica pain, some patients present with both: 

    1. An impingement or interference of the sciatic nerve where it branches out of the at the lumbar spine
    2. An impingement or interference of the nerve where it descends deep through the buttock past or through the piriformis muscle. 

Treatment for sciatica that addresses the true underlying cause must eradicate the impingement and or interference of the sciatic nerve and address why the nerve was interfered with that resulted in sciatic pain. 

Muscle imbalances of the hip are one of the most common underlying cause of sciatic pain. Whether the interference with the nerve is coming from the lumbar region of the spine, or deep in the buttock region, the hip/s are usually one of the major causes.

The gluteus maximus muscles should be the largest and strongest muscle in the human body, however for most people who find themselves seated for prolonged periods throughout the day have extremely weak/ atrophied gluteus maximus muscles. Weakness to the major gluteal muscle places all of the load onto the deeper more intrinsic muscles of the hip, that are designed to externally rotate the hip. With the deeper muscles of the hip (the piriformis muscles being one of them) overloaded, they shorten and contract internally rotating the hip joint which compromises the space in which the sciatic nerve branches out from the lumbar spine, and or the space it descends through the deep buttock region. 

An effective treatment for sciatica is to address the condition in the following order: 

  1. ) Eradicate the tension present (both fascial and muscular) in the lateral rotators of the hip 
  2. ) Eradicate the tension present in the lumbar region (both fascial and muscular)
  3. ) Address gluteus maximus atrophy on both sides.  
  4. ) Restore neuromuscular symmetry to the body

The timeframe to eradicate sciatica pain really can vary: 

Best case:  1-2 sessions, complete removal of pain and condition. (typically occurs when there is purely tension present in the piriformis muscle, with minimal gluteal atrophy 

Average: 6-8 weeks, with gradual weekly reduction in pain and dysfunction until pain completely eradicated. (typically, where tension is present with weakened major gluteal muscles) 

Worst case: 6-12 months. Slow, but noticeable improvements early on, however only temporary to begin with. 2-3 months in improvements become more consistent until the condition is completely eradicated. (typically, where major gluteal atrophy has occurred to due significant neuromuscular and biomechanical imbalances).

At Back Solutions Clinic, our practitioners are extremely experienced at diagnosing how the extent of your condition and how long it will take to eradicate it.  Within 1-2 sessions, we will always be able to give you an upfront indication of how long it will take to effectively treat your sciatic pain. 

Back Solution across America has a proven record with acute and chronic back pain sufferers exceeding in excellence across the country. We have treated thousands of patients that range from Olympic athletes, professional athletes as well as everyday pain sufferers. Our rapid growth across the country will ensure a local clinic will be in your area soon to address your acute and chronic back pain.