Sciatica specialist

Are you finding it difficult to get a lasting solution to your sciatica nerve pain?

You need sciatica pain treatment carried out by a practitioner who is specialises in sciatica.

Most clinics, most practitioners see very few sciatica patients mixed in with more common complaints such as lower back pain, shoulder and sports injuries. Sciatica pain is a complex condition that can be difficult to correctly diagnose. The treatment for sciatica pain can be even more challenging and rarely is one case like the next. 

At Back Solution Clinic we have a dedicated sciatica practitioner specializing to provide you with a clear and concise explanation as to why you have your sciatica pain, why you sciatica pain treatment to date has only provided you with short term temporary relief and most importantly what needs to be done to eradicate your sciatica pain. 

Having treated both acute and chronic sciatica for 15 years, we have seen thousands of patients frustrated at the lack of results they were getting from standard sciatica treatment. They were referred or read our sciatica reviews online, so they decided to come to our clinic because we have a sciatica specialist practitioner. 

Specializing in Sciatic nerve pain provides predictable results. Whilst not one sciatica case is the same, we do pick up on very clear patterns that allow use to adjust our sciatica treatment to alleviate symptoms and provide a base to build strength and restore symmetry. 

If you are suffering from chronic sciatica pain, we can help you with our unique two-step process that eradicates tension in your body that directly or indirectly places pressure on your sciatica nerve, then strengthen your body to prevent the pain from returning post your sciatica treatment. 

The underlying cause of sciatica pain can be built up over a period of time. Postural imbalances due to certain muscles integral to the support of our structure becoming weak and atrophied, in turn placing much of the load and burden on tight and restricted muscles not designed to carry and support our bodyweight.  

Our first step, Myofascial Neurological Manipulation targets the muscles deep in the hip and the lower back. Freeing the restriction build up in these areas almost always greatly reduces sciatica pain patients’ symptoms. However, our main objective is to restore symmetry, so the pain does not return, freeing the restriction allows us to restore sound functional strength to your body which we carry out with our second step.  

Our step second, Neuromuscular Patterning incorporates postural movement patterns that forces the muscles of the body to work synergistically. For each movement, for each exercise you become more balanced, more symmetrical. The unique neural patterning effectively stretches out the areas where you are tight and strengthens the areas of your body where you are weak. 

The end result - balance, symmetry and a good posture that will ensure your sciatica pain reduces.

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