Sciatica Treatment

Are you looking for a group of practitioners who specialize in sciatica treatment?

Sciatica and lower back pain are two of the most complex conditions of the human body to treat. At Back Solutions Clinic we have practitioners who specialize in both chronic and acute sciatica treatment. Seeing a large number of patients with sciatica per week offers a very precise insight into the cause of sciatica, and the best sciatica treatment options to provide rapid and lasting relief.

The sciatic nerve branches out from the lumbar region of the spine then descends deep through the buttock and into the back of the leg. If the nerve is interfered with at any region, from tension, inflammation, bulging disc, then sciatica pain will be experienced.

It’s not uncommon for doctors and practitioners to misdiagnose the exact cause and region where the sciatic nerve is interfered incorrectly assuming the issue is always disc related due to the complex nature of sciatica. We find, especially with chronic long-term sciatica cases that the region of concern is the deep buttock where the sciatica nerve descends. Tension in the deep muscles of the hip (the piriformis, one such muscle) compromises the space in which the nerve has to run through. This interferes with the nerve which results in some all of the following;

    1. localized pain in the buttock, 
    2. referred pain down the leg into the back of the knee, 
    3. referred pain into the foot, numbness, pins and needles.  
    4. Weakness and muscle atrophy
    5. Inability to function and move freely 

For the majority of chronic sciatica patients, effective sciatica treatment that releases the muscular and fascial tension deep in the buttock region, restores the adequate space required for the nerve to pass through the area and dramatically improves the patient's condition. Many of our patients after months of painful sciatica can experience amazing results in 2-3 sessions of our unique sciatica treatment that eradicates the tension deep in hip where the interference to the nerve is present.

Acute sciatica treatment

For people where their sciatica has flared up recently as in the last few days or weeks treatment results can vary. The condition will always settle down; however, the focus of treatment is to ensure it does not become chronic. Some patients purely have muscular tension and will respond positively to sciatica treatment immediately. Some are not as lucky and will have to wait for inflammation and or a spasm (body’s natural protection mechanism) to settle before feeling the full benefits of the sciatica treatment.

Chronic sciatica treatment

In some cases where postural changes have not set in, results can occur straight away however this is not always the norm. In the majority of cases where people have been suffering from sciatica nerve pain, the major muscles of the hip have significantly weakened and lessened in size. This muscular imbalance places all the load on the deep intrinsic muscles of the hip, with the excessive overload causing them to tighten and contract. This pulls the hip in closer to the lower back, internally rotating the hip joint which greatly reduces the spaces in which the sciatica nerve descends through the region to the lower limb. In order to permanently eradicate the condition, both the tension of the deep intrinsic muscles of the hip and the weakened major muscles of the hip needs to be addressed.  This effective sciatica treatment approach can take some time, as strengthening of muscles does not occur overnight. However, patients will experience gradual improvement and reduction in pain with the important part being that they know they are in good hands and getting the most effective sciatica treatment available from specialists who focus on sciatica and lower back pain all day every day.

Back Solution across America has a proven record with acute and chronic back pain sufferers exceeding in excellence across the country. We have treated thousands of patients that range from Olympic athletes, professional athletes as well as everyday pain sufferers. Our rapid growth across the country will ensure a local clinic will be in your area soon to address your acute and chronic back pain.