Is there a solution for sciatica?

To answer simply ‘is there a solution for sciatica? Yes, there is a solution for sciatica. However, in order to provide this solution to the patient it is imperative to know exactly what the true cause of sciatica is. 

True cause of sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the human body, branching out from the lower back region, descending through the pelvis and down the back of the leg. The sciatic nerves role is to innervate the lower back and lower extremities assisting movement and sensory function. If the sciatic nerve is interfered with at any point through tension, inflammation or disc bulge then this will affect the areas where the nerve innervates.

What are some of the symptoms of sciatica? 

Some of the symptoms of sciatica are; lower back pain, deep buttock pain, loss of skin sensation to the back, buttock, down the posterior thigh, pins and needles shooting down as far as the feet, numbness, loss of movement. Regardless of where the nerve is interfered with for reasons mentioned above, pain, loss of movement and or distorted sensation can occur at any region the sciatic nerve innervates.    

Why does sciatica happen?

Typically, sciatica is brought on over a period of time. Poor posture and muscular symmetry results in the lower back and or the hip becoming tight and restricted. This tension or the pathology created by excessive tension over a period of time resulting in disc bulge or inflammation places direct pressure on the sciatica nerve. This pressure affects the function of the nerve and can result in direct pain. 

What’s the solution sciatica? 

A key solution for sciatica is to take a two-step approach to the condition. 

  1. Address the symptoms; reduce inflammation, eradicate tension and or put measures in place to reduce disc bulge. 
  2. Address the true underlying cause; the postural imbalances that lead to the pathology or tension directly affecting the sciatic nerve. 

The solution for sciatica must address both the cause and the symptoms, not one or the other. The concern with the majority of approaches to the condition is the symptoms are only treated and nothing is done to address the underlying imbalances that originally caused sciatica.

So, if you are looking for a solution for sciatica it is imperative that you find a clinic that has a proven track record in both alleviating sciatica pain, however more importantly eradicating your postural imbalances and strengthening your body so the sciatica pain stays away permanently.

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