Relief for sciatica pain

Is there relief for sciatica pain? 

Sciatica pain is common. Many people who suffer from this condition become desperate and wonder if there really is a relief for sciatica pain. 

Rest assure there definitely is a relief for sciatica pain, no matter how long you have been suffering from this condition if you restore balance and symmetry to the human body you can find permanent relief for sciatica pain. 

There are two types of sciatica conditions; acute (where you have suffered for less than 3 months), Chronic (where you have been suffering for greater than 3 months). The condition, the cause and the treatment approach are very different so we will break this article into two segment, acute sciatica pain and chronic sciatica pain. 

Acute Sciatica Pain

The most common cause of acute sciatica pain is muscular or fascial tension in the lower back and or deep within the muscles of the buttock. This can be caused by overusing the area, for example, spending all weekend gardening for the first time in many months, partaking in physical activity when unconditioned. The cure for acute sciatica pain is a very simple process of eliminating the muscular and or fascial tension deep within the hip and lower back region. Typically, the symptoms can be completely cleared with a few short weeks of treatment. 

What creates Chronic Sciatica Pain. 

Chronic Sciatica pain is created by postural imbalances present in the body. The largest and most important muscle that assists our posture is the gluteus maximus (major hip or buttock muscle). If this muscle weakens, then the deeper more intrinsic muscles of the hip become burden with the role of supporting us when we sit and stand causing them to overload, shorten and contract. The major role of the deeper muscles of the buttock are to rotate the hip, when they become jammed, they internally rotate the hip which can impact on the sciatica nerve in two ways.  

  1. Direct impact on the sciatica nerve as it descends through the pelvis: the sciatic nerve passes deep through the buttock right past the hip rotator muscles. If they are extremely tight then the space in which the nerve has to pass through the region is greatly impacted resulting in interference of the nerve. This interference results in sciatica pain. 
  2. Internally rotated hip comprises the lower back where the sciatica nerve branches out from: jammed hip rotators cause the hip to internally rotate which cause the entire pelvis to anteriorly tilt down and forward, which results in an excessive curve of the lumbar spine as a compensatory measure to level the eye line and middle of the pelvis. A constant compensatory curve to the lumbar spine compresses the space in which the sciatic nerve branches out from the lower back region resulting in sciatica.

Relief for chronic sciatica pain.

The cure for chronic sciatica pain lies in addressing the postural imbalances that were building up a long time prior to you suffering from sciatica pain to begin with. Addressing both the tight dominate muscles and the weak dormant muscles due to poor posture provides the cure for sciatica pain. 

A unique approach to chronic pain. 

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