Why do I get lower back pain when I am menstruating?

The majority of lower back pain is created due to muscular and fascial tension present in the lower back. From experience in treating over ten thousand lower back pain patients we have found that if there is tension present in the lower back, then this can be exacerbated at the time of menstruation due to the added pressure in the peritoneal cavity that in turn places extra tension on the thoracolumbar fascia of the lower back.

The good news for women is that there is a safe and natural way to improve their period pains to ensure that they are not experiencing severe lower back pain each month at the time of their menstruation.

Why do I get lower back pain when I am menstruating? - further explained 

The process of menstruation sheds of the thickened lining of the uterus of blood and tissue. The process of eliminating this fluid can create a swelling in the peritoneal cavity (the cavity where your reproductive organs lie). This swelling can make you look and feel bloated at the time of menstruation. This swelling at the front of your body, create tension at the back of your body directly impacting the thoracolumbar fascia on your lower back. If your back is free of tension you most likely will not experience back pain, however if it is then you most likely will. This is back pain coinciding with getting your period can be inconsistent, hence why sometimes you get it, other time you don't. Why some women experience whilst other do not.

How we eradicate the tension in your back, to ensure that added pressure of menstruation does not result in lower back pain? 

We use deep myofascial strokes that stretch out and release the tension in your lower back and thoracolumbar fascia. Women who often experience period pain in their back get instant relief during and after this unique therapy. Our aim is to effectively eradicate the tension over a series of treatments to ensure that no matter how bloated you feel at the time of your menstruation it does not affect your lower back.

Do I need to keep getting this therapy for my lower back pain?

 You may need an initial series of deep fascial work for your lower back pain to clear out the longstanding tension that has built up over a period of time. Once all the tension is freed up, most people find complete relief from their lower back pain each month during menstruation. For some people the tension does build up again over time and they revisit for a deep session of myofascial release and the lower back pain tension usually subsides in one visit. In rare cases where the lower back pain returns soon after the initial series of treatment, we incorporate strengthening exercises to ensure the pain does not return.

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