What are the best exercises to strengthen your lower back?

Let’s list the most commonly known lower back exercises:

  1. Back extensions 
  2. Deadlifts 
  3. Good mornings 
  4. Bent over rows.

There are different reasons and core objectives in training the muscles of the lower back. 

  • Bodybuilding 
  • To improve posture 
  • Ascetical reasons 
  • To prevent or address lower back pain.
  • Improve athletic performance

3 of the 4 most commonly known lower back exercises are best suited to bodybuilders and people going to the gym to ‘bulk up’ their physique. If your core objective is ascetical, to improve posture and or back pain we strongly recommend that you steer clear of these isolated movements and focus on functional compound movements that replicated everyday activities.

The different muscle groups of the body are designed to act and move in a synergistic way. Especially the major muscles that support the weight of your body and your lower back.

The lower back muscles are not designed to work in isolation, and in a healthy back they never do. Hence why we encourage training your body as a whole in order to improve posture and the strengthen the lower back muscles in conjunction with the major muscles that support it.

The best functional compound exercises that strengthen the lower back - in conjunction with the muscles that support it.

  1. Deadlifts 
  2. Squats 
  3. Chin ups

Not an extensive list however if carried out at a high intensity within the power range these are the only back exercises you will need to do to; improve your posture, improve or prevent lower back pain and drastically improve your athletic performance in most cases.

The above exercises work the muscles of the lower back, however they do so simultaneously to the postural muscles that support the lower back. This replicates the way the back moves and functions in everyday life, especially on the sports field. 

We recommend the following program for the best results 

  1. Squats and deadlifts. 1 session pw. 3-4 sets of max 5 reps 
  2. Chin ups, Dips, Push ups 2 -3 sessions p/w. 3 sets of mins 10 reps. (when you can easily carry out 3 sets of 10 reps, add resistance with an assisted weight belt.

Now – this may not be for everyone; however, this is a guide for someone who is experiencing lower back pain that has the ability to carry out this work.

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